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Web and mobile applicaions - What is your Budget for you next Mobile App?

What is your Budget for you next Mobile App?

In our massive review of app costs and other budget considerations, we detailed quite extensively various price points for having an app built.

Note: This article is not about suggesting all quality apps cost $100,000 or more to build. It simply uses the $10,000 versus $100,000 numbers to highlight the kinds of factors that impact costs and why they may vary drastically from company to company.

1- Companies with impressive accolades and customer histories tend to charge more.

2- It costs more to work with teams made up of top talent in apps specifically.

3- Properly vetting app companies will ensure time and money are not wasted.

Proven App Track Record

At a baseline, viewing a firm’s portfolio, customer roster, and checking out apps they have created will speak directly to the quality of their work. Additionally, having notable customers will usually indicate that they are a vetted, established business. 

Independent data points from third-parties are just as, if not more important. Whether it’s a feature from Apple or Google, industry award, an independent research firm ranking, or comparable information, these completely unbiased sources provide honest assessments of a company and their work.

App-Specific Talent

Even today, many companies still try to take on app work when they have not built the in-house talent to do so. We regularly hear about failed apps when a web or other digital firm thought they could easily take on this work. Native apps, which are now the industry standard, require very specific knowledge of hardware, software development kits provided by the likes of Apple and Google, gestures, user experience patterns, visual design trends, app store best practices, and more. 

Going a step further though, there’s a difference between someone who just builds apps and someone builds great apps. What separates OK from good from great can be seen in the quality of the work. That’s why companies like iMobileWeb decide to pay for top talent and purposefully do not recruit straight out of college. Our own approach is focused on having a smaller team of the very best people in the industry versus simply pushing up our headcount.

Location of App Company

Geography has a major impact on costs. Offshore companies will come in drastically less, often 10 times less, especially when considering South and Southeast Asia. Eastern Europe and South America comparatively, can start creeping into the U.S. ranges of 10.000$ and on. That’s especially true for the top companies in those particular locations.

Regardless of the amount you have to spend on your app, ensure you’re setting yourself up to build it right the first time. It’s incredibly hard to create something from nothing. Take these considerations to avoid frustration and ultimately, significantly wasting your time and hard-earned money.

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