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Women at work? Stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest

Who has decided that only Men should rule ?

In the race of searching the best candidates for a company, the choice should be based on the skills and the motivation of the applicant. However, some recruiters look for Men because they think they are better fit than women, but how can this gender differences affect the company?

Women are known to be the half of the society and they educate the second half of it. Women have strong abilities to deal with pressure and deadlines. It is also known that a woman is a multitasking individual who can deal with multiple assignments.

“Men were slower and less organized than women when switching rapidly between tasks in tests by UK psychologists.”

“Both sexes struggled to cope with juggling priorities, but men suffered more on average, according to the paper” the journal BMC Psychology.

When you have a woman in your work environment, generally you don’t find problems in allocating her for a second quick task meanwhile she is busy on another one, this is due to the focus that she can divide time between the tasks and still doing both in a great manner.

Many people just believe that women aren’t interested, not ambitious enough, can’t be bothered with all the ugliness of the work sphere. However, the women can be more independent and strong when getting the responsibilities to deal with professional issues, besides, by nature, the women have more attention to details and tend more to get into the source of the thing. Women question more, and thus they get to resolve the misunderstandings easily.

As per Brené Brown “Even to me the issue of  "stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest" sounds like an outdated problem, but the truth is that women still run into those demands whenever we find and use our voices.” that means, the new generations need to work more into integrating women in all the fields and work places. It is no more time for men only to rule the world, because women have the right to participate in the economical growth and Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.

Last but not least, the women make nice atmosphere in offices, keep balance in the environment and create good vibes, We should remind ourselves that women are fifty-one percent and Everyone should know that fighting like a girl is a positive thing not an offence and as Eleanor Roosevelt said: “A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”–

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